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I have, as of late, been doing a lot of slacking. This is deliberate ... I've been more or less taking a vacation because my life was too noisy and I needed to stop the ride and get off for a little bit. This happens to everybody periodically, and probably moreso to people who have compulsive urges to do things like write stories and draw comics.

Anyway, my vacation is just about finished for this round, I think ... having had my fill of gaming chatter on the ENWorld boards, hours of my life lost forever down the Neverwinter Nights drain, and very little actual accomplishment done on the cartooning front, I'm pretty well rested and ready to start moving forward again.

First order of business, I'd like to extend a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rhanlav and chipuni! Hope it was filled with lots of happy silliness. :)

Second order of business, I'd like to extend condolences to shooteroo, tye_g_wolfee, and their family, and the sincere wish that whoever is dumping on them this year would just knock it off fer cryin' out loud. 0.o

Third order of business will be to update and reorganize my Too Much To Do List, to start moving my commissions and badges back into striking distance, get real work done on Tough Breaks, and get both SJ and NN rolling again. That may actually take me most of the day in and of itself, alas, but it will pay big dividends later in terms of prioritizing and getting things accomplished.

Fourth order of business is to go to Kung Fu class in about 40 minutes. :)

Fifth order of business is gaming tonight; sixth is to see a movie with laurie_robey tomorrow.

Gonna be a busy, busy Gneech for the rest of the weekend, I can tell!

-The Gneech
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