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Only In D&D...

...would you hear a phrase like "The fiendish gray ooze attempts to smite good on Dragor!"

Gaming last night went well. The group is still investigating the curse that has turned the village of Luzern into skeletons, and last night they found most of the puzzle pieces, thanks to the divination attempts of the town's former resident wizard, and his rather obscure hints left on the off chance that his rescue attempt to the castle didn't succeed ... which of course it didn't.

The highlight of the evening was the cellar level under the wizard's keep, which had a very dangerous trap. Glyphs on the floor, covered by a permanent obscuring mist, blast anyone walking over them with lightning. But since they're obscured by the mist, you don't see them. Jaer and Dragor strode on out into the room and -- KABLAM! (In fact, I think the trap is the only time in the adventure any of the characters took significant damage, except for one small Strength drain from a shadow.)

Beyond the trap, they found a well that contained among other things, a gray ooze, that weapon-eating acid monstrosity that they all know and love (not). But in this case, it was a good thing -- they still had Dragor's cursed magic club along with them, and they figured this would be a great way to get rid of it. So, swinging the club on a rope (so as not to pick it up and become dominated by it), Jaer smacked it down onto the ooze, shoving the ooze back down into the well.

Hurrah! The evil club distintegrated, absorbed into the gray ooze!

Holy crap! The cursed power of the club infused the gray ooze, turning it into a FIENDISH gray ooze, which came bursting back up out of the well and attempted to destroy Jaer and Dragor!

A tense battle ensued, where party members had to find creative ways to get past the trap (laurie_robey's rogue, Angelina, devised a cunning acrobatic rope trick, jamesbarrett's wizard Kyriela used a potion of spider climb, Verdhaven the NPC monk used the Jackie Chan bounce-between-walls routine, and Hyrast the NPC dwarf cleric stood at the stairs and said, "Are you crazy? I can't do that! Somebody shoulda tossed me!" Eventually he gave up and just ran, toughing out the lightning strikes and cursing to Moradin the whole way.)

Finally, the fiendish gray ooze was defeated, sending the demonic force in the club back to the abyss, and there was much rejoicing. Kyriela then went exploring the rest of the cellar, still taking advantage of her spider climb to avoid the trap. Angelina, on the other hand, depended on her evasion ability and tumbled across the trap, jumping out of the path of each lightning strike. This enabled her to spot the glyphs on the floor, which enabled the players to figure out the nature of the trap. They then marked safe spots to walk across the floor, preventing any more ouchies.

Assuming all goes according to plan, and we're able to game next Saturday, we should be finishing up this adventure the night before Halloween, which is perfect considering the danse macabre theme of the scenario. Then maybe the characters can get back to Pellak, collect the reward on the ogre bandit, and actually do a little relaxing before the next crisis in their apocalyptic lives.

Yeah, right ... *evil chuckle*

-The Gneech
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