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Some Linky Stuff

cargoweasel: Notes from the Cold Civil War. Without wanting to carp too much, it's kind of ironic for CargoWeasel to be posting about how there's too much viciousness and anger in politics ... but at the same time, he's right.

city_of_dis: The post that inspired CargoWeasel's post. Worth the read for the "artist dragged to a football game" metaphor alone.

And on happier topics...

linguaphiles: Ode to American English, by Barbara Hambly

spikedpunch: Space Telescope Reveals Cosmic Ghoul!

-The Gneech

Disclaimer: Yes, there's a certain amount of pot-calling-kettle-black, in that I've been an asshole about politics myself some in the past. All I can say was that I was an idiot to do so, and have undertaken not to do it again.
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