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Monday Morning Report

Suburban Jungle returns today! Due to popular demand, and also because it was handy, I have resurrected The Milkshake Joke, and am taking the strip off in a new direction that just starts with the same "Tiff and Leonard go to San Diego" idea. Leona fans take note: you'll get a treat on Friday!

By the way, since the storyline has been dropped, I'll go ahead and spoil the El Pollo de la Muerte ending: the last panel was going to be Leonard going "Urp!" while Tiffany says, "It takes a tough man to eat a killer chicken."

*listens to crickets chirp*

Right, well, moving on. Halloween was a mixed bag ... only three groups of kids, but at least they all had costumes. In the past we've had 15-year-olds show up at the door in jeans and just demand candy in a surly voice, which is lame at best. This year's coolest costume, IMO, was a gal done up as the Statue of Liberty, although there was a 3-4 year old lion, which is always a good choice. ;) I was pleased that all but one of the costumes were not licensed characters ... so this year I guess you could say it was quality over quantity this year.

For our anniversary, laurie_robey and I tried "Sakura," a Japanese steak house in the area that we hadn't been to before. The place was immense compared to most of its kind, and it was pretty good, but I think I prefer Matsutake overall. One thing they did have that I've never seen at a Japanese steak house before but was all over like a cheap suit, was the hibachi chicken liver appetizer.

Mmm ... chiiiicken liiivers... *drool*

Yeah, I know it's gross, but I love it anyway. So sue me.

The other major event of the weekend was gaming Saturday night, which went fairly well. The group more or less made a beeline straight to the BBEG* and opened the can of Party Whupass on him. He wasn't exactly a pushover, but they didn't have a lot of trouble with him, either. Their intended plan of "rescue the baroness, then smite the wraith" didn't work out because they found the wraith first -- but it was okay.

So now I have to decide what will be next in my game, while we go back to jamesbarret's for a while. I've got lots of potential threads to weave in, I just wonder which one I'll pick...

Anyway, I need to get to work now. Catcha later!

-The Gneech

*BBEG: Gamer parlance for "big bad evil guy." i.e., the boss villain.
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