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Tony Blair for President!

Well, I held my nose and voted. I won't say which of the bad choices I voted for, after all what's the point of a secret ballot if I go and blab it, right? I will say that if you think you know who I voted for and why, you're probably wrong. I was undecided right up to the booth, and even there I went back and changed my answer.

(Although I would be curious to know who you think I voted for, and why. ;) I just like to know how I'm perceived out there.)

I was very pleased that, even with the high turnout and long lines, everybody seemed to be cheerful, glad to be there, and eager to be nice to each other, regardless of political persuasion. It was so gosh-darn neighborly and civilized that for a minute I wondered if reality had slipped a track and I'd been transported to Pleasantville. The volunteers were all competent and knowledgable, and the poll-watchers for both parties were chatting together happily as they all ticked off names.

In its own way, it inspired a lot of hope in me. Even if the candidates all suck, it's nice to know that the people around me don't. :)

For more analysis, check out this post by camstone. A lot of interesting observations, there.

-The Gneech
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