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Rumble In the (Suburban) Jungle

I now have SJ scripted up to July 5th, the week before AnthroCon. Whew!

*rumble, rumble, rumble*

Can you feel that? That's a paradigm shift! There's going to be some big changes coming, ladies and gentlemen.

Assuming I can keep strips going up on time, I suspect quite a few people are going to have things to say to me at AnthroCon, for better or worse!

It should be interesting. :)

Now that's taken care of, I can turn my attention to other projects. I don't have my sketchbook with me to take care of commissions, so I can either work on my writing, take care of administrata, or put some thought into what I could do to fix NeverNever. I really don't want to see it just sit there, floundering.

You know what's really annoying, is that I have about fifteen ideas for other comic strips I'd like to do, too, but there's just no way I can do them all. I wonder if I could find another artist who'd be interested in trying their hand at some of my scripts -- and who would be dependable and that I could get along with!

In the words of Han Solo, "That's the real trick, isn't it?"

-The Gneech
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