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It's a Lion!

My order is in at Game Parlor! A bunch of Reaper miniatures and some paints ... in between SJ, Kung Fu, and relaxing with laurie_robey, I've decided to break down and do some minis. I'm also going through my old minis and finding ones that I never did or never finished, to do some of those. I am also going through my rather large minis collection and weeding out old or broken ones that aren't worth keeping, or even just ones that really weren't that nice to begin with, for discarding one way or another.

If Game Parlor has one of this guy, I might pick him up too ... even though I have a double handful of felines in the mini collection already. I can always use more! Especially lions.

Speaking of lions, what a dork. (From lionfurs.)

Speaking of dorks, snagged from chef_troy: Interior Desecrators. *shudder*


-The Gneech
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