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Yeah, I'm a Geek. So What?

Well, they didn't have the lion man. (They did have a saber-toothed tiger guy, but I didn't buy 'im. I had enough on my plate.)

I picked 8 miniatures, some of them new, some of them I've had for a while, with the intent of getting them painted before I run D&D again. Four of them are "trainer" figs that came with the Reaper paint sets, which I want to do to get myself back into practice, as well as using some more up-to-date techniques than I used to. One of them is a figure of jamesbarrett's that I took a long time ago with the intent to paint and never got back to him ... I will probably try to expedite that one so I can take it to our next session (in two weeks). One of them is for a future PC I hope to play sometime. Two of them are for characters in my campaign.

I also repaired a terrific displacer beast miniature I've had for some time, that one of the tentacles fell off of. Strangely enough, he was originally purchased (by praeriedog, I think) to be a figure for hantamouse's very unusual Champions character. His paint job has suffered a bit over time, so I'll probably touch him up a bit and maybe add a few flourishes this time around as well.

And I'm gonna do all this in half-hour increments on evenings when I'm not drawing or going to KF. Think I can do it? 0.o

Should be fun!

-The Gneech
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