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Geekery Before Bed

jamesbarrett said today that he'd actually kinda like to run this weekend, and that he'd send an e-mail tonight on that subject. So that made me alter my priorities re: painting minis, to painting the ones for his game before Saturday night if possible.

Tonight, I finished the first of my new crop of minis, which is finally a metal miniature for Theran's leopard familiar, and I'm pleased with how he came out. Not competition-winning quality, probably, but certainly a very high standard by my own scale. I'll prolly post a photo this weekend, but I'd like to show him off at the game session first. I also made a lot of progress on a fire giant, which will probably eventually end up pounding on us. Am I crazy, is that my problem?

I'm sorta looking at miniature painting as a way of "gaming when I'm not gaming," so to speak. I realzed a while back that I did a lot more thinking about gaming than actually doing it, and I'm thinking that painting figs might be a way to get around that. And unlike computer games, it's something that might have some positive returns: well-painted figures can sell on E-Bay for $10 - $20, sometimes $30 - $50, although I'm sure it would take me a while to get good enough to command top prices.

Meanwhile, I also did some drawing for next week; it's been a busy evening! I'd better get some rest tho, Kung Fu tomorrow night!

Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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