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Well, It's Art of a Sort... [miniatures]

Amazing how a photographic closeup highlights all the flaws in a miniature. -.- But it's been just this side of forever since I painted at all, and I'm trying to learn new skills, so I'm not gonna whine too much. But I am going to hide the photos behind a LJ-cut.

From left to right: Growl/displacer beast, "Red Giant," Kitty (Theran's leopard familiar), and Talon (group NPC's hawk familiar). Notice Growl's green painted toenails. ;)

Same figs, other side (and in better focus!). I used photos of a leopard and a red-tailed hawk for paint reference on Kitty and Talon. I don't know why laurie_robey's camera is convinced that Red Giant is standing in lime jello ... the actual miniature isn't green but sort of brackish brown there. Note also that Talon is glued to a penny ... one of these days I'll start learning how to make decent custom bases.

The Red Giant, close up. This shot really shows off his eyes, which are much harder to see in real life, since the figure is only 1.75" tall. I like that burly, hairy chest, but it drove me nuts the way bits of paint just wouldn't stay in his beard. I figure I'll tell people it's bits of potato soup in his beard. Again with the lime jello. I don't know what's up with that.

Kitty! ^.^ His eyes are copper. The spots on him look huge in this pic, giving him a "chocolate chip" vibe ... but keep in mind that the whole figure is the size of a quarter. The spots are actually brush-tip-tiny in real life. And no, he's not wearing a clown nose, so hush. I thought about trying to do some kind of a wash to bring out the dark line that should be visible at his lips, but at this stage I was scared to attempt it. I might go back and touch him up later as I get better. And maybe fix those muddy toes on his back leg.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased considering that it's been forever, and painting figs was never my strongest skill. However, I'm open to comments/critique by anybody out there with more mini-painting experience.

-The Gneech
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