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The Incredibles!

laurie_robey and I saw The Incredibles today, and it was very good! I was a little wary, because I'd heard Finding Nemo praised to the moon and back, only to find a rather disappointing and faintly preachy film.

On the other hand, The Incredibles is exciting, and cool, and genuinely funny. Parts of it are also top-notch adventure movie -- the island chase with the razor-frisbee things (you'll know it when you see it) was one of the keenest action sequences I've seen in a long time. The whole 1964 vibe that infuses the movie gives it a wonderful sense of style -- if The Fantastic Four met James Bond, the result would be something like The Incredibles.

The film also gets big bonus points for (A) being an "adventure family" movie where the kids manage to NOT be annoying (gasp!), and (B) not having fart jokes, poopie jokes, and similar panderings. There are a few slapstick bits, but 90% of the humor uses your brain, and I admire that in a film.

The only noticeable weak spots were a hint of slowness at the beginning, between the "establish the hard lot of superheroes" bit and the "Mr. Incredible is back" bit ... and a completely lackluster opening short called "Bounding." (It's got a jackalope, which is a plus, but not enough of one to carry it.)

So, in short, The Incredibles is a terrific movie! Go see it.

-The Gneech

PS: The soundtrack is GREAT.

PPS: Edna was also great! Edith Head lives!
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