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The folks who run Keenspot are frankly amazing, not just for their technical skills, which are impressive, but because they run this humongous and troublesome site, while working and/or attending classes, and also publishing comic strips of their own.

I certainly couldn't keep up that kind of workload ... my brain would shatter into a million tiny pieces.

However, because they do have such a heavy load, there are problems that crop up -- not the least of which is that the friggin' servers are going down all the time. This morning, the message boards are AWOL again, and who knows when they'll be back up.

The other problem is one that is prevalent all over the WWW, which is that of revenue vs. the unmitigated evil that is popup ads. I can understand the necessity of ads that will attract attention and actually be worth the money the advertiser has invested in them. I used to make banner ads for a living myself, and I know the kind of pressure the people building them are under.

However, there is no excuse for the "re-pop," a pop-up ad which, when you close the window, just spawns another #&@^!! popup ad! It's sleazy, it drives viewers away, and it hurts your reputation. And because Keenspot runs its ads through a third-party service, we occasionally have these obnoxious things come running through our ad servers. Yesterday, they were all over the place, and people were leaving Keenspot sites to reboot their machine to get out of the loop -- and not coming back.

To the Keen folks' credit, they give the owner of each site the option of running or not running pop-up ads, and until now I have left the ads there, because I want Keenspot to succeed, and that requires revenue. However, if these friggin' re-pops are going to be showing up, I'm going to have to turn the pop-ups off, in order to retain my readership.

And dangit, I want my message boards.

-The Gneech
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