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I'm going to be on two panels at MFF ... yikes. Basic Drawing again (time to head to Kinko's!), and another called "Three Panel Comics for Web and Print," with David Gilbert, creator of "Buckles."

Man, get me hangin' out with all these professional syndicated cartoonist types! 0.o I didn't even realize until I was gently reminded by a member of the MFF staff that I was on the "Three Panel Comics" one ... not that I object. I just feel like a scatterbrain for not keeping better track of these things.

So this will be the third syndicated newspaper cartoonist I've met and/or been on panels with, if I remember correctly, Bill Holbrook and Guy Gilchrist being the other two. I have also met (briefly) Stan Sakai (creator of Usagi Yojimbo) and Mark E. Rogers (creator of Samurai Cat), as well as the usual gang of very cool web cartoonists, perenially unemployed animators, and furry artists in my usual circle of friends.

I am frequently astonished that this is actually myself I'm talking about. In the words of Syndrome, "I'm still geeking out over it!"

-Lucky, Lucky Gneech

PS: And Don Bluth! Have I mentioned Don Bluth? That's a name I like to drop early and often! ;)
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