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Well, thanks to a bout of insomnia at 3:00 a.m. on my part, and speedy work on katayamma's part, I will have strips up tomorrow and Friday. However, since I'm packing tomorrow night and flying to Midwest Furfest Thursday after work, it looks like I'll be doing fan art or some similar form of filler on Monday. Maybe I can come up with another "Character Q&A" image.

It's weird; tomorrow's strip is a little sillier than usual, and Friday's is a little more serious than usual. I wonder which, if either, will get more reaction in the forums? And for that matter, I wonder what that reaction will be. But in the case of Friday's strip, I won't be near a web browser to find out!

Ah well. :) It's good to get away now and again.

G'nite, world, and have a wonderful tomorrow!

-The Gneech

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