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Do I Owe You Something?

I'm checking out the too-much-to-do list, and trying to compile all the various things I owe people to make sure I've got them all. If I owe you something and it isn't on this list, please let me know!

  • mammallamadevil: A few back strips for prints. I also have a new image idea that might be worth making a print of, but that will have to wait until I can actually work on it. We also talked some about "a day at the beach" portfolio, or a calendar.

  • David Allen: The files for Tough Breaks

  • thirdhorse: A commission. I remember it had something to do with Leona, but I seem to have lost the e-mail. *thwaps self* I'm sorry about this, it's been way way too long and I owe you something good.

  • huskyteer: Your badge mailed.

  • kagur: A badge.

  • kamau_d_lyon: A badge.

  • lowen_kind: A badge.

  • berin: A badge.

  • tygercowboy: A badge.

  • graveyardgreg: CD stuff.

  • bauske: A commission.

I feel like I'm missing stuff. That doesn't include conbook art and the like, either. Does anybody know of stuff I'm missing?

-The Gneech
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