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Bedtime Looms Like a ... Giant Looming Thing

Been having fun flexing my artistic muscles. Friday's SJ is to katayamma for coloring; nothing exciting there artwise, except for a little stylistic variation. Monday's is penciled but not inked yet. There I have played a little with more dynamic "camera angles" than I normally do, as well as giving the characters some "business" to do while they talk.

Hikaru once told me, a while back, that his opinion was that SJ needs more action, and largely I agree with him. SJ tends to have a lot of people standing around expounding at each other. Not that I want it to be a nonstop slam-bang adventure fest, but I do want there to be a little more dramatic tension and more energy in the artwork. Too much stasis!

Thinking about what I said earlier, about wanting to branch out ... I wonder what it would be like to "trade strips" with somebody for a while, i.e., contact some artist and have them do the artwork for SJ, while I did the art for their strip. Not just a single switcheroo, but an extended trade, like a month. That would be an interesting way to develop my skills!

I'll have to ponder making just that proposition to somebody.

Anyway, it's bedtime now, dang it all. I hate going to bed! There's more stuff I want to be doing! Oh well. G'nite!

-The Gneech
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