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Greg was dancing in the kitchen when Brigid came staggering in; she wasn't sure if this would hold up in court under the "he needed killing" provision ... but if she'd had the energy, he'd have been a dead man.

"What," she managed to croak out, "are you doing?"

He didn't answer, just did a weird kind of shimmy as he poured cereal into a bowl.

"Whaaaaaat," she croaked a little louder, "are you doooooing?"

"The kisses are the same!" he sang. "All around the world, la, la, la-la-la-la!" He then twirled in place and, spotting her suddenly there, shrieked like a cheerleader. Bowl, cereal, and portable CD player with earphones exploded into the air, as he jumped back three feet and landed hard on his butt.

"Okay," Brigid said, reaching for the coffeemaker. "That works."

-The Gneech

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