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Some Stuff, and Some Other Stuff, Plus Some Stuff

Some Stuff: Happy Birthday, graveyardgreg!

Some Other Stuff: laurie_robey and I saw National Treasure over the weekend. I liked it! It was nice to see an adventure movie where "smart" was the heroes' primary characteristic. Also, it only had one explosion, which is a refreshing change. Despite what people may think, it isn't actually a Da Vinci Code ripoff so much as a pretty standard "treasure hunt" type movie. (And unlike The Da Vinci Code, it doesn't purport to based on anything like reality.) It's not going to displace Raiders of the Lost Ark by any means, but it was a nice, solid adventure flick.

Also re-watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time since it came out; it fared a lot better on re-watching than it did the first time, just because I was over the shock of it being so completely wrong in spots. I tried to savor the parts that were right, instead of cringing at the shrunken heads, the cartoonish depictions of Ernie, Fred & George, and Peter Pettigrew, the pervasive presence of muggle clothes, the completely different Hogwarts, and the stupid "grim in the sky" bit that completely negates the whole premise of the book. So what was right, you may ask? Well ... um ... the Marauders' Map was just about perfect; Buckbeak was very nice; and of course Snape dressed up as Neville's Grandmother was a highlight. The basic problem was that Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets nailed the look and feel so perfectly, that any deviation from that is a step in the wrong direction, and they not only deviated, in some ways they did their best to throw away the other two.

Plus Some Stuff: Laurie and I have a rather large collection of VHS tapes made of TV broadcasts of Batman: The Animated Series during its original run. Now that the series is coming out on DVD, we don't need to keep the tapes any more ... but before we go and erase them, I'm offering them to anybody who might want 'em. They have commercials, occasional transmission glitches, and the like, but you can't beat the low, low price of "free." All I ask is that you cover the postage. Just drop me a note!

-The Gneech
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