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Try, Try Again...

Dangfraggin' LJ ate my first attempt to post this, but we'll try again.

First, from kheetor84: I don't know anyone like this. At all. So if you think I'm referring to you, you're WRONG! Wrong, I tell you!

Second, from linguaphiles: Vince, this one's for you, even though it doesn't have Transformers or anything of that sort.

Third, does everyone remember when bauske pointed me to Milk and Cereal? Well now there's an Asian version. Is it a cover? A remake? Something wholly other? Once again the question of why the guy on the left has no shirt is left unaddressed.

That's all for now. But keep reading, I'm sure I'll find some more stuff to post here, if only because I care.

-The Gneech
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