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Plus, I Heard a Song by Yaz

Well, I was half right; I didn't draw Tiffany at all today, but I did draw Leona. Five pics of Leona all told, if you include Wednesday's 4-panel strip. I also drew six pics of Athena, whoof. A couple of the pics had very detailed backgrounds, one was funky perspective shot, and two had a very awkward positioning that came out pretty well.

Now, I'm worn out ... whoof. But it was a big day for art, and I love those!

Tomorrow, it's Christmas tree day. Huzzah! But now, I'm going to bed. G'nite world!

-The Gneech

PS: Oh, and I heard a song by Yaz, which made my Inner '80s Alternative Geek go "Squee!" So that was a nice bonus.

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