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More Silly Fun With Gneech and Litho!

With guest stars cody_frost, bauske, patchworkjester, kelloggs2066, and Nebulous!

The following comes at the end of a long discussion of Litho's proposal of a would-be romantic interest for Drezzer Wolf, and has been edited slightly. Anybody who whines about not getting to chat with me will be summarily blapped.

_litho_: anyway. I shall probably clean up the kitchen and head to bed soon. how do you feel about nonameboy?
the_gneech: He has potential. ;-) But I am undecided at the moment. :-)
_litho_: :-)
the_gneech: It is at least yummy food for thought. ;-)
_litho_: well. Consider it an idea. Feel free to take it and change it as much as you like to suit your purposes if and when you feel like focussing on Drezzer some more in the strip.
_litho_: He, Tiff and Leo are still on their trip abroad yes?
the_gneech: Yes, they are, and actually, Drezzer'll get some attention in January. Might not be BF action, but he'll still make an appearance.
the_gneech: He's gonna be unexpectedly glomped.
_litho_: yaaay
_litho_: whom by?
the_gneech: Somebody new. :-)
the_gneech: I haven't worked out all the details of this would-be glomper yet.
_litho_: ooooh
the_gneech: Just why they're glomping him.
_litho_: Interesting.
_litho_: so it's the glompage that's important then?
the_gneech: At least to start.
_litho_: you've got me all interested with your cryptic half answers!
the_gneech: Mwuuhahaha! ;-)
the_gneech: Now you'll burn with anticipation for Drezzer's glompage incident!
_litho_: indeeed!
the_gneech: And, you are the only person I've told of this impending glompage ... so you are in the know!
_litho_: oooh!
_litho_: I feel special.
_litho_: you answered any more character Q&A?
the_gneech: The last one was Scott Kellogg's "Have you forgiven me for putting you in a chainmail bikini?"
_litho_: *is still waiting patiently for Drez to get back to me on mine*
the_gneech: I was thinking of doing all Q&A for the Christmas-and-New-Year lag, actually.
_litho_: interesting thought!
the_gneech: Of course, that will leave Athena's Big Reveal hanging in the air like an undropped shoe...
_litho_: s'wierd. Chatting with you always gets my creative juices flowing better... :-)
the_gneech: Yay! ^.^
_litho_: ... shoe?
_litho_: who drops a shoe?
_litho_: I mean Honestly.
the_gneech: You know, as in "waiting for the other shoe to drop?"
_litho_: yes :-)
the_gneech: Thank you, Austin Powers. ;-)
the_gneech: BTW, re: creative juices, that's sorta what I was whining about in my LJ after coming back from MFF. Artists need to hang with other artists!
_litho_: yeah
_litho_: totally.
_litho_: I need more artist friends in person rather than just online.
the_gneech: Me too.
the_gneech: There are some around here, but I never see them.
_litho_: Come live with me in Australia. We can be artisty.
_litho_: it'll be great.
the_gneech: Righto! *hops onna plane*
_litho_: Bring Vince.
the_gneech: Yes!
_litho_: We'll all have a slumber party.
the_gneech: If I can get him to stop drooling over the accent.
_litho_: He he
_litho_: Dustin can come too.
the_gneech: I'm up for that! As long as he can bring Ben, I'm sure he will be, too.
_litho_: Yes. Ben can come.
the_gneech: Is there a Kung Fu school there? ;-)
_litho_: probably!
the_gneech: We can start AussieCon!
_litho_: maybe not in my little town, but in Brissie. Where I used to live.
_litho_: It'll be fun!
_litho_: And we can start pillow fights at the slumber party too. :-)
the_gneech: And have cookies and milk!
_litho_: then we can all sit up late and draw in each others books.
_litho_: yaaaay!
the_gneech: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
the_gneech: "Dude. I'm thirty five."
_litho_: he he
_litho_: I wanna be....
_litho_: Wealthy.
_litho_: That's what I wanna be when I grow up.
_litho_: Also "The question stands"
the_gneech: Hee! My answer when I was young was always "deliriously happy."
_litho_: :-)
the_gneech: I knew if I'd like a teacher or not depending on how she reacted to that answer.
_litho_: he he
_litho_: that's a very clever and mildly disturbing little test.
the_gneech: *chuckles*
the_gneech: I was quite the little Machiavelli. ;-)
_litho_: shows you were a calculating little monster from an early age.
the_gneech: The gears are always turning!
_litho_: I liked teachers that reminded me of my mum.
the_gneech: Even now, I'm analyzing your every response!
_litho_: Aieee@
the_gneech: *peers at you*
_litho_: even the stoopid ones!?
_litho_: heh heh
the_gneech: Those are the most interesting!
_litho_: ha ha
_litho_: *guardedly checks himself*
_litho_: *snickers*
_litho_: Yoo are a silly Gneech.
the_gneech: "So ... how long have you had these delusions that you were having delusions?"
the_gneech: Me?
_litho_: you.
the_gneech: Nevar!
_litho_: yus
_litho_: defnitly.
the_gneech: What did I do?
_litho_: be silly.
the_gneech: When?
_litho_: then
the_gneech: Dang, and I missed it!
_litho_: *is nebulous*
the_gneech: He's a snow leopard.
_litho_: who is?
the_gneech: Nebulous!
_litho_: ...
_litho_: ok!
_litho_: then I'm not nebulous.
_litho_: I'm... Litho.
the_gneech: See? He posted here!
_litho_: he has a cute icon
the_gneech: Nice guy, too, if a bit shy in person.
_litho_: heh - was probably your incredible celebrity affecting him.
the_gneech: <-- has deftly shifted the conversation away from his conniving ways
the_gneech: O:-)
_litho_: now let us ignore the fact that you pointed that out!
the_gneech: D'Oh! I knew I screwed up somewhere!
_litho_: he he

-The Gneech
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