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Two Items...

First: Happy birthday, hantamouse! (Even tho I already said that once.)

Second: Today's Forgotten English

Hodening, which has not long died out, and which is still remembered by many people not far beyond middle age, was a winter custom, taking place at Christmas in some districts. ... At Reculver, only men who worked with horses during the year were allowed to take part. The strongest man of the party represented the horse, and carried a wooden head, with large nails for teeth, on a pole. He was covered by a horse-cloth, wore reins and a bridle, and carried one of his companions on his back. The horse-man and his followers visited the farms in the neighbourhood, and were given ale and other gifts.
--Christina Hole's English Custom and Usage, 1941

Daft Days
Those in England called the Christmas holidays. Scotch; [from] daft, insane, foolish, giddy, thoughtless, wanton, frolicsome.
--Edward Lloyd's Encyclopædic Dictionary, 1895

See? Fursuiting's not so new! And once upon a time fursuiters were widely regarded...

-The Gneech
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