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I'm supposed to run D&D tomorrow! But I don't have enough prepared! I spent the past three nights working on today's SJ!

Gaaaah! *runs around in several circles*

Okay, calm down, deep breaths ... I know generally what kind of monsters I want to use, and I know what the "big events" are gonna be. So all I need is a map, stats, and a few details. Basic layout of the wizards' guild I've got, so that leaves rough outlines of the organization, names and a couple of touchstone traits for the guild members who are around when the PCs get there.

Miniatures I wanted to paint, alas, are not painted. But we'll survive that.

This adventure is primarily a big honkin' dungeon crawl ... which fortunately is easy to do off the cuff.

Okay. I can cope.

-The Gneech
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