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Weekend Update

laurie_robey and I saw A Series of Unfortunate Events yesterday; it didn't suck. :) It didn't have quite enough of the quirky humor and wordplay that makes the books worth reading, but the animated closing credits were worth the price of admission by themselves. The fact that a serviceable (if somewhat mishmashed) adaptation of the first three Lemoney Snicket books was attached, was a bonus. Still, it's a "fun once" movie.

It's really, really cold here. ("Really, really," not just "really.") Not that I'm complaining ... I thought I'd never get to wear a turtleneck to work again! It's just sorta goofy the way it always goes from "unseasonably warm" to "unseasonably cold" here. This is the lie of averages, I suppose.

I'm having a hard time convincing myself to actually do any work. It's holiday time, which is usually dead in the office, so I expect to spend all day amusing myself. Instead, there's actually a pile of stuff in my inbox, and the ol' superego is having a hard time convincing the rest of my brain to actually deal with it.

Ah well, once more unto the breach...

-The Gneech
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