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Merry Christmas!

I'm off to the untamed lands of Tidewater, where the internet is a rare and precious thing, so I shan't be doing my usual deluge of posts today. However, I do want to wish a very merry Christmas to everybody who reads this thing (and to everybody who doesn't), filled with all sorts of happy goodness!

There are a few people out there who I wanted to send a card to and for whatever reason didn't get it done in time, for which I feel really bad, but so you won't feel neglected, I'll give you a little shout-out here:

_litho_: Having a friend in Australia, particularly a witty furry artist friend, is the coolest!

benbear: You're a great friend and a great con roomie!

c_eagle: Hope to see you at FC again, dude!

dilletante: I don't know your address any more! Have a merry Christmas anyway!

eddiecanis: Keep practicing! Your art is getting better all the time!

fastclaw: Merry Christmas, ya big lug!

hbar98: I sure hope to see more of you this coming year! Come to FC, so we can give you a pineapple!

higginsdragon: We'll get that thing running again, but meanwhile, merry Christmas!

huskyteer: That badge is still coming! I got distracted by something shiny! Merry Christmas anyway!

invisiblewolf: If I could find you, I'd wish you merry Christmas!

jadedfox: Another great con roomie! Merry Christmas!

james_b: Another Aussie buddy! Woohoo!

kailucidricwolf: Thanks for the card, buddy! You rule! Merry Christmas!

kamau_d_lyon: I know it's a busy time of year for you, but you knew the job was dangerous when you took it. ;) Merry Christmas, my friend!

katayamma: You rock. Have I mentioned that lately?

kelloggs2066: Your work really hit some all-time highs this year. Good job! Merry Christmas!

kevinjdog: May all the happiness you want and deserve come your way this year! Oh, and a bag of chips, too. ;) Merry Christmas!

ceruleanst: I saw a guy playing Christmas songs on the piano who looked almost exactly like you the other day, which weirded me out. So you and your doppleganger both have a merry Christmas!

kheetor84: I'm not scary! Really! If I was, I wouldn't wish you merry Christmas!

kimbawlion: Have I ever mentioned what a truly cool dude you really are? Merry Christmas!

klepsydra: Why do I have this urge to call you "Klepsy?" Merry Christmas anyway!

lady_anne: Keep on rockin', good lady!

level_head: You're always an inspiration, and I can't think of anything nicer to say about anybody.

nekomimikun: Keep up the good work, dude! Merry Christmas!

neverwench: Congrats, and much happiness to you!

pandaguy: Sorry I missed the picnic -- I'll try to organize furry bowling or something myself soon!

punktiger: *insert electric guitar riff here*

robin_andersen: You rule! Merry Christmas!

satyrblade: Keep on keepin' on! And merry Christmas, you wacky satyr guy!

smrgol_t_kirin: Have I mentioned lately how much I admire your skill, and your sanity? 'cause if not, I do!

snapcat: Merry Christmas, ya big mush!

spikedpunch: I won't tell everyone how nice a guy you really are. ;) Merry Christmas!

susandeer: After years of hearing about how great you are, I finally know firsthand! Merry Christmas!

tchall: Words can't express, so I'll just beep yer nose! Merry Christmas!

tye_g_wolfee: That's not a clay pigeon, that's Santa's sleigh! Drat, that's coal for you, I'm afraid. Merry Christmas anyway!

walkertxkitty: As the Japanese say, "A smile suits you best!" So have a merry Christmas! You deserve it!

unclekage: Keep up the good work, Con Man! And Merry Christmas to you and everybody around you!

vik_thor: Naughty or nice? Heck, I don't care, have a merry Christmas anyway!

walksamongstars: Definitely naughty. In a strangely angelic way. Weird.

And to everybody I haven't mentioned, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Because I gotta hit the road! 0.o

-The Gneech
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