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Some Random Comments

I am pleased with Monday's SJ/Character Q&A. Really any excuse to draw Ramses doin' his Kung Fu is a good one.

Speaking of Kung Fu, I GET TO GO AGAIN TOMORROW! Woohoo! I couldn't go last week, just too busy, and I miss it like crazy. This week, I'll go tomorrow and Wednesday; I assume there probably won't be class New Year's Eve or Jan 1st, but if there was, I'd go then, too. (At least Saturday. Probably not Friday night.)

It wears me out and I whine about having to go half the time, but I miss it when it's gone.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get the rest of the week's Q&A pieces done, so that later in the week I can start drawing strips to get ahead. I've particularly got to get cranking now so that I don't get hit upside the head by Further Confusion.

Speaking of being hit upside the head, Tough Breaks is no closer to being done now that it was a month ago. Pardon me while I blap my forehead against the wall here.

"ARRRGH!" *blap!blap!blap!blap!*

I will get that book done! I will!!!

But now it's bedtime. I'd hoped to catch Vince online a bit tonight, but I'm fading fast, and he could show up anytime in the next two hours, or not at all, so I'll have to try again some other time.

G'nite, world!

-The Gneech
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