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I seem to be afflicted by some variety of bug. I woke up a oh-dot-early this morning from an unhappy dream into an unhappy headache, but gamely attempted to go in to work anyhow (early no less, since I was up anyway).

Nothing doing; I was home by 10:30 if not earlier and crawled back into bed. Sleep took care of the headache and I was feeling pretty okay, so laurie_robey and I took advantage of the opportunity to spend pretty much all day playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. I was all chipper and eager to go to Kung Fu, so into my uniform and off I toddled.

Little did I know. 0.o

I was out of breath thirty seconds into the jog and stayed that way for the rest of the class; by the end of it, I was wheezing and my lungs/throat were making unhappy whistling noises.

I rather doubt that I'll be in to work tomorrow, either, if my current coughing and sniffling is any indication.

Heigh ho; maybe I can get some drawing done instead.

-The Gneech
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