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Way to Miss That Spot Check, Dude ;P

Olive Garden was busy last night, so we didn't wait to be sat in jamesbarrett's section, we just took what was available. But we did wave when he went by. Then we made faces. Then I tossed a breadstick and hit him in the head, and he STILL didn't notice we were there. Or he was snubbing us, one or the other. Finally we just got disgusted and left. I wonder if anyone ever picked up the breadstick.

In other news, I've dropped metaquotes again, le sigh. The first time it was because three weeks of nothing but "Bush won! AAAIIIIIEEEE! It buuuurrrrrns usssss! I want to decapitate babies now!" is too much. I went back after enough time had passed that people had shut up about that, but unfortunately, I found that there was still way too low a signal/noise ratio. People are just too keen to quote; most of the stuff on the community was not actually that witty or enlightening.

Oh well, life carries on. In other news, I hope to write some more Brigid and Greg bits this week. I've been somewhat of a hermit the past couple of weeks, but I should be a little more out and about now that the holidays are over.

-The Gneech
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