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With Apologies to My Longhorn Friend

brahma_minotaur was very insistently, erm, insisting that I get a copy of NeverWinter Nights so we could play some D&D online together and, while I would love to accomodate his wishes, I don't think I'll be getting it in the immediate future, for two key reasons:

  1. The best price I've found for it around here so far is $54.95, which is not an unreasonable price for a game as anticipated as NWN has been, but is still more than I want to pay for a computer game this week.[1]

  2. Computer games are time-eating brainsuckers sent to Earth to enslave otherwise creative people! And I have a very aggressive schedule of strip-drawing, commission-finishing, NN-reviving, merchandise-creating goodness that I really don't want to see falter for the next few month -- pretty much up to and through the end of September or so, and getting involved in something like online RPG's would probably blow all that out of the water.

So I'm sorry, Brahma, as much as I would love to let some of my as-yet-unplayed D&D characters loose on NWN [2], I think it will just have to wait. I have already set aside my Saturday nights for tabletop D&D, which I enjoy much more than the computer versions anyhow. I don't think I can devote more than that five hours a week to it.

On an unrelated note, Laurie and I took my parents out to Silver Diner for Father's Day tonight. Lest anyone read too much into the strained paternal relations of SJ, my dad and I generally get along quite well, although I don't get to see him as much as I'd like to, for various reasons. So Happy Father's Day, Dad, even though I suspect you don't even know what LJ is, much less read it!

-The Gneech

[1] I bought a new cellular phone today, one with a flip-open cover that protects the buttons -- hopefully preventing the phenomenon that has plagued me until now that one of my quick-dial buttons gets pressed by the edge of my chair, leaving long and pointless unintended messages for Laurie, the answering machine at home, TygerCowboy's office at Uniglobe Professional Travel, or even stranger places. :) The new phone is also smaller, so hopefully it will stop getting caught on things and being yanked off my belt, forcing me to go hunt for it when it's fallen off and I didn't notice.

The phone was fairly expensive and, combined with the travel costs of various cons I've been arranging, the replacement wedding ring, and just the unbearable expense of being, I need to conserve for the next few months. Moving and Dragon*Con will both be big, fat, hairy expenses.

[2] The two that immediately come to mind are Gazeddor of Scarred Hill, a FTR/ROG/BBN thinly-disguised Conan clone who I have wanted to play for years but not wanted to inflict his Chaotic Neutralness onto poor Lawful jamesbarrett, and Faradawn, an elvish RGR/FTR (+ possibly WIZ) that I admit freely and of my own will was inspired by Legolas in Lord of the Rings. I'm sure, depending on the nature of the campaign I was in, I could come up with a dozen more, but those are the two that are itching to be played.
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