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Stupid Chromosomes!!! And Other Stuff.

Okay, so I got "XY" and "XX" mixed up on the Penelope Pitstop icon! So sue me. ;P I'll post a fix today. Hey, who hasn't gotten confused about gender issues before?


Speaking of which, vlad_badger informs me that the Prime Minister of Romania is offering to sleep with reporters' wives and girlfriends to prove he isn't gay. If that doesn't make you giggle uncontrollably, I don't know what will. I particularly like the newspaper's response. Now THAT'S Gut Journalism! ;)

Finally, this is for praeriedog, to help him further scare his roommates: from linguaphiles, Words That Do Not Rhyme.


-The Gneech

PS: Am I the only person who can't write the word "chromosomes" without thinking of Inspector Kemp and darts flying everywhere? Am I the only person who even knows what I'm talking about?
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