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Art Issues

My art has been backsliding a bit, lately. I first really noticed it at MFF, and it's been nagging at me ever since. At FC05, it was really bothering me, to the point where I was flat-out ashamed of the piece I did for Iron Artist. It's frustrating, because I can do nice work. The Tiff skibunny piece, for instance, is a piece that I was really proud of. But most of the sketchbook pieces I did at FC are things I wouldn't want to show off, and I feel bad getting paid to do what I think is sub-optimal work.

Most of the people I've done the work for have said they liked the piece in question, and I'm glad they are satisfied, even if I'm not, but it really isn't much consolation.

Really, what it boils down to, is I'm getting out of practice. That sounds weird, considering that I've been drawing the strip fairly regularly lately, but the strip basically consists of variations on things I know. I've drawn Leonard, Tiff, Drezzer, et al. hundreds of times. The other problem is that I'm tired all the time lately, and have a hard time summoning the energy and focus to do anything more than half-assed. That impacts more than just my artwork ... I'm like that at my job, in KF class, with gaming, you name it. I find myself constantly taking the path of least resistance, and finding excuses to not do stuff. I'm tired.

I think I need to do some taking stock and figure out what's going on in that "head" thing of mine.

-The Gneech
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