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Killing Two Turds With One Bone, Or Something Like That

Okay, we've got a few things going on at once here: Tough Breaks, the next SJ book, is not just late, it's WAY late. Also, since I don't want to start a new storyline on a Friday, I'll move the "Drezzer gets glomped" strip to Monday, which means I need a good piece of filler for Friday.

Ding! Okay, so I'll do the Tough Breaks covers and post them for Friday!

Which means I've got to do them tonight. 0.o But the good news is, that means I'll be making headway and getting stuff up on the page at the same time!

Really, I've got to get Tough Breaks out of the way as fast as possible, so it won't interfere with getting my Carpe Diem pages done by deadline.

No rest for the furry!

-The Gneech
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