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Last Post of the Day, I Promise!

One of the wrinkles of drawing a furry comic is picking the species for a new character. I have been wrangling with a character idea for next week's storyline for almost a month now, and I'm having a lot of trouble coming to a decision. (FWIW, I had this same trouble with Dover, originally, even tho it's hard to picture him as anything but a cheetah now.)

This character is loosely based on another character I came up with a while back, a bubbly lion by the name of Torey, whom you've probably seen in my user icons. (cody_frost used him in his Zodiac Portfolio, and gave me the original artwork by way of thanks.) However, SJ has plenty of lions already, so I really didn't want to use Torey.

I then came up with the idea of using a panther, which I still may use. The problem with that is that I don't want people to think it's this guy, given that he and Drezzer have some kind of history. Of course, I could just toss in the panther and do my best to make it clear to people, "No, this is somebody else!"

Tonight, laurie_robey and I watched most of the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons while we were having dinner. (Hooray for DVD boxed sets!) That gave me the flash of making him a coyote, and that even gave me a name -- which I dare not use.

The reason I dare not use it? Well ... *shift uncomfortably* ... y'see, Vince has a character in his stable by the name of Tyrone, who is a bat bartender. When I created Byron for SJ, he was partially inspired by Tyrone, although he was actually more inspired by athelind's (I think) Ironclaw character Lord Rik. I figured "Byron" and "Tyrone" were similar enough to be a nod, while still being recognizably different. Apparently, some of Vince's fans didn't think so. I don't know exactly what they said to him, but there was confusion and awkwardness and stuff like that. It's not a huge deal, but it's enough.

So, when a character pops up and suggests to me the name, "Cody Coyote," given that Vince's new main character is Cody (and in fact his LJ nick is cody_frost based on that character), you can imagine why I'm reluctant to follow that path.

Alas, Cody Coyote, we never knew ye.

But it is a very cool name. Maybe I'll use it ... later.

-The Gneech

PS: I still need to pick a species for this guy.
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