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Deal With It, Pink Boy!

Snagged from kevinjdog: identify the MST3K quote! Some of 'em are softballs, but some of them are pretty tough. (And some of them, I'll have to look up to remember for sure myself.)

1) "I prayed for a friend, and he came! His name's Timmy!" "Isn't that a little preternatural, Crow?"

2) "I think Jerry and Sylvia patched things up."

3) "Oh dear God, please say this isn't happening!!!"

4) "I hear his theme music, he's around here somewhere!"

5) "What are you people from The Philadelphia Story doing here???"

6) "I'm rough and gruff and not ready to be loved!"

7) "'Jiminy,' thinks Johnny, 'if only I could get a ride on one of those!'"

8) "Man ... is a feeling creature..."

9) "Meanwhile, in the dark, impenetrable void, Jean Paul Sartre was a-movin' and a-groovin'!"

10) "That remark hurt me. Is it wrong not to always be glad?"

11) "Ow, I landed on my 8-sided die!"

12) "Tom ... I don't get you." "Nobody does! I'm the wind, baby!"

13) "Y'know guys, I really love to scat! Say, want me to scat some for you?"

14) "They just didn't care."

15) "Joel, am I tripping?"

-The Gneech
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