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Some Weekend Stuff

This week, laurie_robey and I received a package from praeriedog last week that contained a bunch of Christmas presents and a CD labeled "Listen to this when opening presents." So Friday, we carted the whole kit and kaboodle (so to speak) over to the Rathbun house for a little mini-Christmas.

The CD, in many ways, turned out to be the coolest part. It was an album, apparently, of some Beatles cover band doing Christmas carols arranged to Beatles songs. For instance, "Help!" became "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." It was very clever, if brain-hurty -- 'cause for each tune I clearly recognized both songs and my brain couldn't reconcile the conflict! It was like listening to Victor Borgé play 3/4 time with one hand and 4/4 time with the other ... just a total brain-mangler.

The presents, however, were also pretty cool. My own particular goody was a little mini-bust of Cobra Commander -- who does that boy think I am, neverwench? ;) Still, it gave me plenty of chances to make "I'm making faces at you behind this thing!" jokes.

Saturday was Kung Fu, and I'm still feeling it. One of the more punishing exercises we do is called "ironing board," which consists of lying on the floor, on your back, with your hands on your stomach, and lifting both your head and your feet 6" off the floor.

And holding it.

For sixty seconds.

It's vicious.

We then launched into our usual 180-crunch ab routine. Whimper.

Saturday afternoon consisted of watching the recent Jackie Chan/Disney Around the World in 80 Days, which was a good fun-once movie, although it was slightly marred by a touch of "this is a kids' movie, it doesn't matter" attitude. Jackie Chan with long hair, moustache, and beard was an interesting look! But he didn't keep that beyond the opening teaser.

Saturday evening was the SJ chat with leona_lioness of course, which was three hours of fun and fanboys. I've missed doing these, so I'm going to try to make them more common. I've also been having at lot of fun with suburban_jungle ... it's really helped me get back in touch with the characters to think about their day-to-day lives, and how to write entries that "sound like" them. I am kinda pleased that the "Ask Leonard Lion!" columns I wrote way back in 1998 still make sense in the SJ of today ... apparently my initial vision was pretty well on-target!

Sunday was mostly snow, drawing, a foray into listening to the Jack Benny show (still incredibly funny 70 years later, man they were good), and then the Funday Pawpet Show. Last night was a great show, really one of the best I've seen in a long time, because the emphasis was on music and performance. There was an unfortunate 20-minute or so delve into their "Spits or Swallows" segment, which frankly I wish they'd lose entirely, but considering that some shows have pretty much been the bunch of them wandering around Yappy's kitchen, it wasn't so bad.

They also showed a segment from "Superman: The Musical." Wow. It was bad. Seriously bad.

When the Pawpet Show is firing on all cylinders, it's as good as anything that groups like The Muppets have put out. My new catchphrase about them is going to be: "Dancing Pawpets good! Talking hyoomans bad! Clever humor good! Fart jokes bad!" Maybe I can turn it into a rallying cry. ;)

Unfortunately, I was so keyed up at the end of the show that my brain was chattering at me all night long. One example is the dream where I was still watching the show and trying to post to #pawpet, but I couldn't get the chat program to respond to what I was posting. I woke up, thought, "That's because the show is OVER, stupid, go to sleep!" rolled over, and went back to sleep. Once asleep, I dreamt I was in feudal China, getting Kung Fu training from a short, white-haired, wizened old master type. It kept going on like that, all night.

Oh well, maybe it'll spill over into a busy, productive day! Instead of, y'know, me collapsing in a heap at 1:00...

-The Gneech
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