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In Praise of Level Head :)

Friends, I would like to say a few words here regarding my friend, level_head.

I first encountered Level Head when he sent me a long e-mail after a marathon session of reading my strips. As you can imagine, feedback junkie that I am, I was well pleased. At the time, I didn't know he went by the moniker of "Level Head," so I gave him the handle of "CEO Guy" in my mind, sent him a thankful response, and figured that was that.

How little I suspected!

Shortly thereafter, CEO Guy was once again in my inbox, this time with a fanfic that involved a meeting between himself, Mopsy, and Tiffany Tiger -- with great attention to detail and a lot of educated guesses. Some of them were spot on, some of them were a bit off, but it was still very impressive. I sent him a few suggested changes, which he made, and we began a fairly regular e-mail correspondence.

He then commissioned me to do an illustration of his story -- a commission which, these months later, I have finally made significant progress on -- and has been patient above and beyond the call of civility in waiting to receive it. And he took it upon himself to sponsor a NN trivia contest, the prize being commissions he donated. Every cartoonist should have someone like that reading their strip! :)

In the time that has passed since then, Level Head has extended his considerable mental energies toward the works of nekomimikun, jamesbarrett, kelloggs2066, and graveyardgreg, and they have all made comments similar to my own feelings toward him: grateful for input, fascinated by his insights, and impressed and inspired by the breadth, depth, and volume of his comments!

I was fortunate enough to meet Level Head and his gracious wife (whose handle is, you guessed it, "Mrs. Level Head") at Further Confusion last year, and was pleased to find them just as charming, intelligent, generous, and fun in person as they are via e-mail.

Level Head is usually reluctant to talk about his personal life, and so I won't go into too much detail here, but I do want to mention that what glimpses of his past have peeked through the comments he's made, are impressive. This is a man who had a goal of who he wanted to be, how he wanted to live his life, and what he wanted to accomplish, and has built those things for himself, almost out of thin air. In some ways the "American dream" personified, Level Head came from a humble background and with determination and hard work reached the stature and achievement he enjoys today. I constantly find him to be an inspiration and reminder that obstacles are there to be overcome -- and overcome they can be!

Anyway, I could go on, but I think I would risk becoming long-winded on the issue. ;) Suffice to say that I am pleased and proud to have a friend like Level Head, and that Mopsy and Tiffany are, too. :)

Catcha later,

-The Gneech
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