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Booting Ol' Grumpyface

Okay, so it's been something of a grind here at work lately, and it's made me grouchy. I think last night was probably the worst of it, because I wanted to either play some video games or do some drawing to have fun and recharge, but neither one came off very well. So on top of being worn out and grouchy, I was also frustrated.

I've never handled frustration very well. :P

Fortunately, one of the big problems was resolved yesterday, and even better, the Crisis Addict is off in meetings all morning, so maybe I can actually get some work done for a change.

What I should have done, last night, was worked on berin's and kagur's badges, both of which are half done and sitting on the hard drive. That would have allowed me to be "doing art" without the very difficult proposition of coming up with an idea when I was tired and brain-fried. I think I may try to do that tonight, instead. Being able to mark something as "DONE" on the to-do list would be a very refreshing feeling.

-The Gneech

PS: Oh! Snagged from vlad_badger: Resistance is Futile.
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