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I Love Making Progress

SJ is done for the rest of the week.

I finished one of T'Chall's pics over the weekend. I've made significant progress on one of Level Head's pics, and will probably finish it tomorrow or Thursday. My personal goal of "finish one commission a week" seems to be on track so far. :)

I've worked out drafts for at least five new NN strips, with more lurking in my subconscious and just waiting for a chance to get onto paper.

I have a basic plan worked out for the new SJ site design, whenever I can get a chance to work on it.

I am a very happy guy. :)

There are two snags: I am running late on my MFF dealer table application, and need to get that into the mail tomorrow; I also need to get files to Dave Allen still. Both of these need priority status on my to-do list. But the fact that I can even get to stuff on my to-do list, instead of just coming home and collapsing every day, is such a giant step up from where I was this time last month, that these snags don't bother me. I'll just fix 'em, and they'll be gone.

That's all for tonight. I'm off to bed. G'nite, everybody, and have a great tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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