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Indiana Coyote Rescue Center

In case you haven't heard about this yet, soappuppy is putting out the word for a friend of hers who runs the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center. One of their coyotes was viciously wounded by an unknown shithead who apparently just walked up to the enclosure and shot the handiest animal. The coyote survived the attack but has lost an eye as a result; the rescue center is asking for help paying for the veterinary bills. Paypal, MC/Visa, or checks are all welcome.

-The Gneech

(Note: This was the topic of a comment made in my LJ earlier which got deleted because I didn't appreciate having it put into what I wanted to have be a happy and silly thread. This is a serious topic, and deserves the proper attention; also I didn't want to post asking other people to contribute until I'd had the opportunity to do so myself.)
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