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Fridays Don't Matter

As I've mentioned, laurie_robey and I have had a long, stressful work week. Today feels like it should be weekend ... and that tomorrow and Sunday should also be weekend. This makes it very difficult to concentrate on my work, which I did promise the powers that be I would have finished by C.O.B. today. A major chunk of my mind doesn't believe that it's really a work day, and when I tell it to buckle down, it just sorta goes, "Pffft! Yeah, right."

I spent most of yesterday evening working on this weekend's D&D game, tweaking the dungeon the characters are in the middle of and starting on the next level. I still need to write up what they find at the bottom of the dungeon, because if they take a certain route they may end up going pretty much straight to the endgame. If they take the scenic route through the rest of the first level, on the other hand, it'll be at least one more session before they get to the finale.

Problem is, I wanna draw. Specifically, I want to finish those badges I mentioned yesterday; for some reason I'm really chomping at the bit to do that now. I've got other stuff I need to do, some of which is way more urgent, but that's what I want to do. I guess that's my muse at work, or something.

-The Gneech
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