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Oh, Speaking of Fridays...

Way to go, me: I've got a 401(k) plan again! It's showed up on this paycheck.

This will make, IIRC, my fourth one. Maybe this one will actually stick, instead of being raided to buy groceries during a long period of unemployment. :P

This time, since I'm 35 and it's time to start seriously looking down the road ahead, I'm contributing 10% (with 50% matching up to 5.5% from the company). Funny thing is, I think the tax break makes it so that my take-home pay still went up. Wacky.

I'm just a little worried, tho, 'cause starting a 401(k) is usually the beginning of the end for me at any job. 0.o The only way it could be more dangerous is if I get my beloved 32-hour work week with Mondays off. The first time I set up one of those, my car died and I had to go back to work on Mondays to pay for the new one. The last time I set up one of those, the dot-com boom ended and my company went belly-up.

It's a curse, I tell you! A curse to prevent me from having the time to draw and write on Mondays! Garrr!

-The Gneech
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