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Nifty Lil' Animation

Linked to by kelloggs2066...

Name unknown, but it's something Japanese I bet.

In other news, I got a new cellphone today, and laurie_robey and I watched the first four episodes of Rune Soldier. It's supposed to be a fun lil' fantasy anime about an all-girl band of adventurers who pick up a not-so-hot male magician out of desperation, and wacky hijinks ensue. What it actually turns out to be is three annoying shrews stand around and bad-mouth a guy while he does all the work. You know how Keitaro in Love Hina is always in trouble and never catches a break? Well imagine that made three or four times worse. At least in Love Hina, the rest of the cast is still fairly likeable -- and they don't blame Keitaro for misfortunes that they've brought on themselves. The women in Rune Soldier are just annoying.

Had a neat idea for a piece of art today. I might try to make it into a strip for next week.

I was going to talk about how gaming went last night, but I'm falling asleep, so I'll skip it. Suffice to say that heroes get really, really touchy when monsters go after their animal companions ... and that sometimes the best way around an obstacle really is brute force.

Meanwhile, g'nite.

-The Gneech
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