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It's Tough Being a Weirdo, but Someone's Gotta Do It

Virginia, lunchtime, 38 degrees, mostly sunny, gusty winds.

laurie_robey and I get out of car coming back from lunch; dust and bits of debris fly around us in small whirlwinds.

Normal person thinks: "Man, it's windy today."

I think: "Wow, this is like being in an Akira Kurasawa movie!"

Naturally, I start belting out the music from Yojimbo at the top of my lungs as we head for the building entrance.

Maintenance guy, coming around the corner, thinks: "WTF?"

I look like a loon. Oops.

Oh well, it was a fun moment anyway!

-The Gneech

Bonus Points to anybody who can name a Yojimbo remake. Double points to anybody who can name two or more Yojimbo remakes.
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