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He Said His Moustache Was Going To Eat My Beard

"With beards this rugged, was there ever really any doubt?"
   --Action Hank, "Dexter's Laboratory"

My shower has this textured vinyl liner thingie which, among other things, prevents me from using anything with suction cups to mount to the wall. Thus, my shaving mirror was held up with two-sided tape.

A week and a half or so ago, the tape gave up the ghost, and the shaving mirror went bye-bye. So I decided, what the heck, to let my beard grow. The last time I tried to grow a full beard (as opposed to the more familiar goatee) was after seeing Kenneth Branagh in Much Ado About Nothing and thinking, "Hey, that's not a bad look, I'll give it a try!"

Unfortunately, at the ripe old age of 26, my beard wasn't very cooperative. In point of fact, all it did was grow on the bottom of my jaw, causing me to look like a leprechaun. Or perhaps C. Everett Koop. Unfortunate, to say the least. I quickly gave that up as a bad idea.

But hey, that was practically a decade ago, and now if I let it, my beard fills my face like I'm a real grown up adult and everything! Let's give it a try.

(Beard grows. Slowly.)

This morning, I was sick of it already. The beard had reached about a quarter of an inch and wasn't really doing anything for me. So I schwacked it off and I'm back to the goatee. There are no pictures, so don't ask. ;) But now I can say that I gave it a try.

-The Gneech

PS: Double bonus points to any non-laurie_robey person who can identify the quote that makes the title of this post! (It'd be too easy for laurie_robey, and she's got plenty of bonus points already.)
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