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Sic Semper Doloris Capitis, or Something Like That ... and Some Art!

Woke up in the way too early with way too much headache, so I called in sick and went back to bed. Now I'm awake again and feeling better in re: dolor capitis, but I'm starving. 0.o I think perhaps a donut is in order.

Now that I feel a bit better, the choice becomes "go in for the latter half of the day" or "stay home and do house-puttering." Quicken has a pile of transactions that need to go in ... or I could really start to make some headway on the art backlog.

Oh, speaking of art, I did a quickie last night, a LJ icon for cody_frost's ISO character Sam, the leopard (cougar? puma?) bartender chick. This was another experiment in all-marker color that came out pretty well, although there was a bit of oopsie around her nose that I had to clean up in Photoshop.

The nice thing about that particular one, actually, was how fast it went from idea to finished piece. I don't know if it's that my confidence with the markers has improved, or I'm just plain getting faster, or if this piece was just lightning striking at the right time. But I'm hoping it will translate into the art backlog getting cleared quickly. I'm getting some major guilt pangs about stuff lying around unfinished for so long.

On a semi-related note, I wonder if I should start looking into an airbrush for doing smoother background tones. Those ones that mount Copic markers are pretty nifty ... I wonder if there are any that would work with Prismacolors or Trias.

OH! Hey, artists! Do your Prismacolors get darker over time? I could swear that the colors in mine are coming out 10% - 20% darker now than when I bought them, and for the pastels, this is a problem!

-The Gneech
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