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Evening Results

I didn't do quite as much cleaning as I'd intended, because I ran out of evening. But I did get a lot of old stuff that needed sorting/tossing sorted and tossed, I hung up cody_frost's Torey as Playing Card pic on the wall next to the sketch Don Bluth did of Tiffany Tiger and transferred the rest of my Vince Originals from the glass frames to a protective portfolio, and did some major cleaning-up and dusting on the drawing table area. The computer desk and bookshelves are still both in shambles, but this was a really good start, and hopefully I can work on it some more this weekend.

laurie_robey and I also watched four more episodes of Love Hina this evening. Fun! Silliness! Giant mechanical turtles on a rampage! It's a good show. :)

And now, it's bedtime. ^.^ Finally. G'nite, world! Have an awesome tomorrow. :)

-The Gneech
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