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It's Quiet ... Too Quiet!

I feel like I haven't said much all week. I mean yeah, I posted a long toast to Level Head, and I groused about NeverWinter Nights, but compared to my usual loquacity (how's that for a $20 word?), I've been pretty quiet.

Well, in this case, no news is good news. :) For the most part, this week has been a week of "Keep on keepin' on." The new job is working out nicely -- dull, but in a good way, because I can work on other stuff. There are new contracts in the works that may shift me into more of a direct-billing role doing graphics, which could segue into higher pay down the line.

I got the MFF paperwork in the mail finally a few days ago; past the "all applications get equal weight" deadline of last Saturday, alas, but hopefully still in time to get a table. This weekend I hope to get the long-lamented missing files to Dave Allen, so that will finally be off of my plate.

Had an appointment with my counselor last night. We talked about how I've more or less stopped the St. John's Wort, did a review of the past year and what's happened in that time, and looked toward the future a bit. I've cut my visits back to one a month these days, because I am pretty well recovered, and just have a few more things I'd like his help to get through.

I was lucky to find a good counselor; having heard horror stories, not to mention having had some less-than-quality counseling myself in the past, I was nervous going into it. But he's helped a lot, if for no other reason than he was somebody I could dump on guilt-free every two weeks during the darkest parts of my depression. Thanks, man! :)

Tonight, I suspect, will be a visit to the Hanta, jamesbarrett, and Mutti residence, where I hope to finish level_head's commission from, what, November? Tomorrow should involve drawing as much of next week's SJ as I can finish, then D&D in the evening. Sunday is, as of yet, free of plans, other than Laurie's floating nonspecific "something fun." (Why is it that I'm always expected to be the one who comes up with whatever that something is? Harumph.)

If nothing else pops up for Sunday, I imagine I'll either start another commission, or do some more work on my fantasy novel. That's sorta been on hold for the past few weeks, ever since I worked out a rough of the big plotline. Maybe I'll start working on a synopsis. My warriormagi still don't have a name that I like, although I have a few more ideas about them -- some of which were influenced a little by Neverwinter Nights, believe it or not.

That seems to be all, for the moment. More bulletins as events warrant. But I do have one little thing to add:

Nyah, nyah, ya missed us!

-The Gneech
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