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Ineffectual Trolls

So somebody registers w/ TalkAboutComics specifically for the purpose of posting a link in the SJ forum to another forum somewhere else ("It's Walky" I think, I didn't explore), where people seem to think the Tiffany/pants newsbox is horribly androgynous.

However, and yes, I'm going to be smug here, my forumites responded with a friendly and civil, "Well, maybe you should give the rest of the strip a shot and see what you think." (Well done, guys!) My own thought is that if you think that picture looks even vaguely masculine, you watch too much anime. So, no, I'm not too upset by that discussion.

Standard troll tactics, of course, are that if one criticism doesn't cause a snit, you switch to another one. So they switch from attacking the art to grousing about how many guest strips there are. Well, yes, there are, but it's a self-defeating criticism. The fact that so many cool people are eager to help out with the strip says to me that I must be doing something very right.

Net score: Suburban Jungle 2, troll 0. Poor old thing. :) Have a nice life.

(FWIW, I'm willing to entertain the notion that the person was not a troll but was actually just rather inept at starting a pleasant conversation ... but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...)

-The Gneech
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