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Some Stuff I've Learned...

...while working on Carpe Diem...

  1. Mmmm ... comic book format ... *drool*

  2. Scan'n'stitch isn't as bad as I feared, but it's more of a pain than it warrants. Draw at 8 x 12 next time.

  3. Working at 600 dpi is a major pain. Eeeevery tiny flaw is magnified by about 20 times!

  4. Working on two pages at once is way more efficient than one. While the first round of ink on one page is drying, I can be working on inking the other page. This would apply for SJ in a big way ... and just imagine how katayamma would plotz if I gave him four strips to color at once...

  5. The "fold a page in quarters and do thumbnail layouts" technique really works!

  6. Next time, play with layout more. This time was pretty straight grid layout ... it works, but lacks sparkle.

  7. Find ways to add more black.

  8. 1/4" borders between panels are probably too large.

  9. Get a better art triangle.

  10. Edit: Make sure you've got ample blank space in the talkiest word balloons!

There's probably more, but that's all I can remember right now. I need a nap!

-The Gneech
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