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About Bloody Time!

I finally started making some progress on Tough Breaks tonight. I got a template set up, and I put the first eight pages of strips into it. Granted, that only puts me at something like 5% done -- but the important thing is that sets me up to really start cranking on the weekend. If I can't get it done this weekend, I'll at least get it mostly done, which will make it easy to finish off the weekend after.

I'll be so glad to get this done, I could plotz. -.- I have badges and commissions I've got to get off of my to-do list. I want to do Conbook art for AC, and even moreso for MFM. And I want the relative low roar of only "needing" to do strips for a while. (Among other things, I've got to improve my Kung Fu attendance!)

The period of strips that I was working on tonight is late 2002; it's an interesting period for me, because I can tell looking back at it that my artistic skill was going through a major growth spurt. Around this time I was really, really studying herbiehamill's and cody_frost's techniques in a big way, and I can see that coming through, especially on the character models for Jim the Bull and Oswald J. Proboscis, but also on Lagston Swine. This was a period of big transition for me, as I was also really starting to come out of my depression. My psyche had really fallen apart at my lowest point, and I was reassembling it by pure willpower at this stage. I'm sure it didn't look anything that dramatic on the outside, but it was all that and more on the inside, and since I know what to look for, I can see it in these strips.

The nice thing about rebuilding yourself from scratch, is that you can choose what the new you will be like. I doubt it's any big secret that there's a link between my letting go of certain mental hangups, and Conrad's letting go of Tiffany. Of course the irony there is that for him, conquering his demons also meant more or less being written out of the strip.

But he's not entirely gone! As bauske can attest, Conrad's still got a few things to say. ;) And I do want to have him return at some point. Tiff still wants to have a few words with him...

-The Gneech
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